Taize Service

New 3rd Sunday Evening of the Month Taize service begins September 17th at 7pm in the chapel.

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 we will hold our first Taize’ Worship Service in the Chapel at 7:00 PM with Sandy Main-Neimisto as the accompanist to the pastors.  A Taize’ Service is a quiet, meditative candlelight service that will feature simple hymns sung repeatedly, scripture reading, a period of silent meditation, prayers of intercession and communion.

Taize’ is a form of worship that comes to us from a non-denominational Christian monastery in Taize’, France.  The monastery’s founder, Brother Robert Schultz, arrived in the village in 1940.  During World War II he had a dream of founding a community where reconciliation was a daily reality.  During the war he began providing shelter to refugees, especially Jews.  He recognized that the search for reconciliation was within each individual as well as within the community.  After being forced to flee the Nazis he returned after the war to found the monastery.  Today people from around the world, especially young people, come to the community looking for meaning in their lives as they prepare for responsibilities in their own communities.

Brother Robert writes, “Singing is one of the most important forms of prayer.  A few words sung over and over again reinforce the meditative quality of the prayer.  They express a basic reality of faith that can quickly be grasped by the intellect and that gradually penetrates the heart and the whole being.  These simple [songs] also provide a way of praying when one is alone, during the day or at night, or even in the silence of one’s heart while one is working.” The Taize’ style of service is a wonderful way to become more peaceful and connected to God. Please come join us!

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