Thoughts about time, talents and treasures from our Confirmation Class

  • Jesus would tell me to continue to care for others and to give away things I no longer need.
  • My church opens its doors to all people.
  • We need a change in heart sometimes to follow Jesus.
  • You should always be willing to help people less fortunate than you.
  • Jesus wants us to focus on the most important task … following him and his word.
  • The closer you are to God the better off you are.
  • My faith is young, not yet strong and knowledgeable but in learning about my faith here I am taking steps forward.
  • We should be thankful and forgiving. Jesus says we must forgive one another and have big faith.
  • Even when we are tired we still should listen for the Lord.
  • We should all be good Samaritans and be helpful in and out of the church.
  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t have anything to do with money, but you shouldn’t cherish it or make it your number one priority. I think Jesus is saying basically that we should use our money to serve God. We should learn how to manage our money and use it for the right things.
  • Each of us should use the gifts that God has given us.
  • I’m not really much like the widow who gave all she had, but I would like to be more like her.
  • When we give money to a church or to the needy it’s like giving money to God.
  • Jesus is telling us that we should accept each other and forget about our differences.
  • The kingdom of God is present so I will help those in need, give to the needy, be humble and thankful, love my neighbors and pray to God.
  • Jesus is my friend, a friend that will always lend me a little bit of faith.
  • Yes, I will be your witness at home. I will love and support my family.


Confirmation Class is offered to both 7th and 8th grade students and runs from January through March each year. A compact and thorough understanding and commitment to Jesus Christ, Bible Study and Presbyterianism are highlighted.

Leaders are:

Rev. Kellie Whitlock, Dennis Witte, Christine Johnson, Kathy Marzolf, Jason Elstone