Dear Rosedale Community ~

I am asking each of you to take a moment and STOP and say a prayer for all of our students – especially those students who were in the midst of a transitional year, like our 8th graders, our high school seniors, and our college seniors. They received official word today that they have lost the final months of this school year, thus losing the final months of final moments.

Not a single one of us has any idea what any of them are feeling or experiencing. They all have lost moments and experiences and days that can absolutely never be replaced. And that is indeed tragic.

  I am also asking for prayers for all of our teachers who are trying to figure out how to do their jobs in new ways – who are trying to understand these new demands placed on them by the districts – and who themselves are also experiencing great loss. Every teacher I know teaches because it is a calling, and not merely a job – and they invest their hearts and souls into the lives of their students.

How lucky are we that we have a BIG, AMAZING God who is going to see us all through this, especially our students. So please, take time to pray for all of them – and pray in confidence knowing that God hears you.

With my sincerest thanks, your partner in Christ ~

Pastor Kate
Director of Youth Ministries