RGPC Kids Summer Sunday School

CALLING ALL SPIRIT SEEKERS! RGPC KIDS – join me this summer as we discover the Holy Spirit and His power to help change our hearts to become more like Jesus. What does it mean to be a Christian? What is the Fruit of the Spirit? Who is Paul? Let’s explore the Bible and... Read More

Fall Bible Study

FALL BIBLE STUDY ANNOUNCED! Back to Basics: Back to the Bible Here at RGPC we are beginning our 15th year of coed adult Bible study (Priscilla Circle, a women’s group, had been doing Bible studies long before we started coed studies in 2005, but that’s another story.)... Read More

Spring Bible Study

The spring Bible study will be a three week examination of the nature and work of Jesus Christ.  Using Guthrie’s Christian Doctrine, participants will explore the topics of incarnation, atonement, and resurrection.  A free study guide will be available to all... Read More