Administration and Finance

The Administration & Finance Committee has the primary responsibility for the business and staff needs of our church. The committee creates and implements both personnel and general Church policies. Finally, but as important, we are responsible for all financial matters of the Church including budgets, insurance, and investments.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee has the responsibility of educating the children, youth, and adults who attend Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church . The committee primary purpose is to plan, create, and implement the curriculum used in our Sunday School classrooms and Adult Bible Studies. In addition, we oversee all other children’s and youth programs of the church.

We strive to foster and enable individuals and groups to lead, inspire, engage, teach, and mentor children, youth, adults and community members on their journey of discovery and growth in the love, knowledge, and teachings of Jesus Christ, at whatever stage they are in.
Church and Society

Here are a few of the ministries we support through the generous giving of RGPC members and friends:     

Gleaners Community Food Bank  of Southeastern Michigan                                          

2131 Beaufait St · Detroit

(313) 923-3535 ·

Barnabas Youth Opportunities Center:

3530 Grand River Ave · Detroit.  (313) 831-4488
Freedom House Detroit:  Asylum for refugees and victims of political persecution
2630 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit · (313) 964-4320

Volunteer Village

Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church sponsors a wide variety of mission activities.  For the past 51 years, our high school students have been participating in an annual, week-long mission trip.  There are also annual Young Adult Mission Trips and Adult Work Weekends which give folks beyond high school a chance to participate in mission outside the walls of our church.  After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, adult members of our Church organized a Disaster Relief Mission Trip.  To this day, groups of 10-20 people go out at least once per year to help clean up and rebuild where natural disasters have wreaked havoc on our country.  Disaster Relief Mission Trip participants have enjoyed the hospitality of various churches over the years.  Our Volunteer Village is an opportunity to extend hospitality to mission groups coming into our area to help with the stabilization and revitalization of neighborhoods in our area.

Please click this link to go to the Volunteer Village Information Package, which describes in detail what we can offer for groups who are looking for a Church to stay at while doing mission work in the Detroit area.

Click here for Volunteer Village Info Packet


The Deacons service to the congregation includes: providing the supplies and schedule all of the groups within the church for Coffee Hour following the Sunday worship service; purchasing supplies and set up and clean up of Communion; funeral luncheons; Care Notes, which cover a variety of topics including issues revolving around loss, illness, coping, and depression, and are available for the use of our congregation; Care Cards/Deacon Huddle, cards that remind recipients that their church cares about them; maintain contact with VIPs (a list of “Very Important Presbyterians” who are no longer able to attend services due to their age or health) through cards, visits, or phone calls; prayer shawls given to ill church members; and Sunday Suppers, meals prepared for people in the congregation who, for whatever reason, need a good meal.

The Deacons service to the community includes: blood drives; food baskets four times a year for needy families; supporting Fort Street Presbyterian Church, a program that serves the needy and homeless in Detroit; “Spring Into Giving” mission project; and the “Giving Tree” during the Christmas season where donations are collected for local charities and families in need.


Endowment is a subcommittee of the Administration and Finance Committee. It oversees the general operation of the endowment funds; disburses funds in accordance with established policies and procedures; develops ways to increase endowment funds assets; and develops and distributes information concerning the operation of the endowment funds to the congregation.


The duties and responsibilities of the House Committee are: to oversee the housekeeping of the church property and maintenance of the grounds surrounding the church; to develop and direct a maintenance program for the church property, facilities, and equipment; recommend, for Session approval, all capital expenditures for equipment and materials based on established priorities; and make arrangements to contract approved maintenance or construction work to outside suppliers on the basis of competitive bids.

Looking for a way to help out around the church, below is the Volunteer To Do List.

Click here for Volunteer To Do List



Our Membership Mission- The Membership Committee of Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its activities and support of a variety of programs to invite, welcome, and introduce new people to our family of faith and friends for the betterment of our church, it’s members, and the community at large.


To learn about what it means to serve Christ as a Deacon or Ruling Elder at RGPC, check this out:

Called To Serve


At the congregational level, the governing body is called the session. The session is made up of the pastors of the church and elders in active service (selected by a nominating committee and elected by the members of the church). Session meetings are moderated by a pastor and minutes are recorded by the elected clerk. This body takes care of the guidance and direction of the ministry of the local church.


The Stewardship Committee develops and recommends to the Session an annual stewardship program. It also is responsible for administering on-going and special fundraising efforts in a manner consistent with the church’s Christian purpose. The committee will study, plan and implement new stewardship programs intended to encourage growth in Christian commitment to the church as well as maintain records and conduct statistical analysis as necessary to support financial giving programs.


The Technology Committee’s primary responsibility is to support and implement areas of technology within the church including audio, visual, computer, networking and internet services, as well as providing technical equipment support for the church offices operations.

Worship and Music

The Worship and Music Committee organizes many different aspects of the worship service including: layreaders, Acolytes, Communion servers, ushers, and Easter and Christmas flowers. The committee along with the House Committee decorates the sanctuary for Christmas and recruits congregation members to participate in the annual “Hanging of the Greens” service. The wonderful people who serve as office secretary on Sunday morning are also arranged by this committee.