Back to Basics: Back to the Bible

Here at RGPC we are beginning our 15th year of coed adult Bible study (Priscilla Circle, a women’s group, had been doing Bible studies long before we started coed studies in 2005, but that’s another story.) If you’ve been studying the Bible with us for the past 14 years, you may have a hard time remembering all that we have covered. Maybe you joined us somewhere along the line in the years since 2005. Maybe you wonder what you missed from earlier studies. Perhaps you have been sitting on the sidelines, reluctant to join a Bible study group because you don’t want to be the only “amateur” in a group of “experts.”

For fall 2019 we have a Bible study that will give those of you have been studying the Bible a long time a chance to review the material. Those of you who joined us midway will have a chance to learn what was covered earlier. And those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines will get a crash course that will quickly bring you up to speed with everyone else.
This fall we will be using the book Bible Basics for Everyone by Terry Glaspey to get a big picture overview of the entire Bible, as well as a short synopsis for each book of the Bible. For 7 weeks, we will look at the Bible books corresponding to the chronological eras discussed by Glaspey in “A Five-Minute Overview of the Entire Bible.” Each week we will dive back into an earlier study of a Bible book corresponding to the time frame we are examining. For example, when we talk about The Era of the Patriarchs in week 1, we will look at the life of Abraham again, using material from our Invitation to Genesis study. Not only will we review what we studied over the past 14 years, we will be thinking about which books of the Bible we want to study in the future.

Each participant will be provided with a free copy of Bible Basics for Everyone, as well as any supplementary materials needed for each week’s session. Monday evening groups begin on September 16 and run through October 28. The Friday morning folks start on September 20 and end on November 1. Sign up for a study before or after worship service September 1 or 8 or 15. The sign-up sheets will also be in the church office until September 15.

John Calvin said that “Scripture is like a pair of spectacles which dispels the darkness and gives us a clear view of God.” Put on your Scriptural spectacles and get a clearer view of God as Bible study gets back to basics this fall with Bible Basics for Everyone.