Mittens For Detroit

Help us keep all of the hands in Detroit warm this winter

Our RGPC Kids are on a Mission! This year we are partnering with Mittens for Detroit. It is important to offer children ways to serve that are meaningful to them and in ways they understand how their participation will help others. We will be helping our children discover how their effort to help, and provide warm mittens for a child in need will be a wonderful way they can shine like Jesus and share his love.  

We will be leading lessons to guide the children to plan ways they can be, Helping Hands for Jesus.  Our RGPC Kids will seek family/neighbors that would be willing to receive some kid-friendly help. Our kids will help by raking leaves, shoveling snow, carrying groceries, folding laundry, feeding pets etc... They will be collecting donations for their help, and in turn using this money to purchase mittens and gloves for Mittens for Detroit. 

Our winter mission project will begin in November and run through January 3rd.  

If you would like to join us and our mission to be Helping Hands for Jesus, please place your donation of mittens and gloves on our Mitten Tree. Your support will certainly help to warm the hearts and hands of children in need. 

Thank you 

You are a wonderful example for our children of how together - we can accomplish great things in the name of Jesus! 

Our goal is to FILL our Mitten Tree with warm, durable, quality gloves and mittens. The organization has stated that quality is more important than quantity. (The mittens/gloves do not need to be expensive, however, they should not be from Dollar Store).