The 2019 Youth Mission Team welcomes you to participate in their Project 144 Fundraiser. You will see a large, orange banner in the Chapel Narthex with 144 envelopes. Each envelope is individually numbered. We ask that you take an envelope off of the board and return it with the amount of money that corresponds with the number on the outside of the envelope. In other words, if you select envelope #17, we ask that you bring $17 back to the church.

Inside each envelope you will find a card with the profile of one of our Youth Missionaries. We ask that you keep this card and pray fo

r them from now through their Mission Trip in June.  To make it even more fun, try and collect all 11 Missionaries!

Checks can be made out to “RGPC.” Please note “Project 144” in the memo line.

You can also participate online by clicking here and contributing via Pushpay.

Thank you for your support!