RGPC Kids! Here are a variety of puzzles and activities to try during Holy Week.

Families, please share these with your children and this simple explanation of Holy Week.

Holy week is the week right before Easter Sunday. It begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter. On Thursday we will remember The Last Supper. This day is called Maundy Thursday. It is the last day Jesus shared a meal with his disciples. Later that night, after Jesus went to the garden to pray, guards came to take Him away. On Friday, we will remember the day Jesus was crucified on the cross. The day He died. This day is called Good Friday. We will wait 3 days and on Sunday we will celebrate! Sunday is Easter! The day Jesus rose from the dead. We rejoice together! Jesus is alive!

Here is some other information to help provide clarification to questions and/or thoughts your child may have about Holy Week. https://buildfaith.org/experiencing-holy-week-with-children/

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