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RGPC Families and Kids!

During this time of transition where we are all trying to create a new “normal,” I’d like to offer these words of hope – Children are amazing!  They will adapt and follow your lead during these unfamiliar days. Show them that even when we are faced with challenges, God is with us. We can talk to Him whenever we need to and rely on His strength to help us. Pray together! Take turns telling God your feelings. Your child will learn that when you do not have the answers, you reach out to God. The days and weeks ahead will definitely be a challenge. Children are watching!  Let’s show them how to use our faith in God.  Let’s show them how to pray.  Let’s show them that with God’s strength, we will all get through this time together!

Below is a daily activity chart that will help children focus on Jesus throughout the day. Choose one activity or do them all 🙂  Spending the Day with Jesus is another option to use as you create daily schedules for your kids!

May God watch over you all, keeping you healthy and safe!

Lisa Adams, Director of Children’s and Family Ministries

Click here for printable version of Spending the Day with Jesus



Grandpa, Grandma & Me Dance Party

Saturday, March 28, 2020

3-5 p.m. in Fellowship Hall

Let’s DANCE!!!

Join us in the Fellowship Hall for a fun afternoon of music, dancing and a yummy ice cream sundae!

Come move and groove to some old favorite dancing tunes. You may even learn a few new moves too!

Sign up online with the link below or there are forms in the office.