Special Events

RGPC Kids –

Be sure to join us on Sunday, October 31 for a special Falloween Jesus Sunday school class. All children will be together on this day as we hear the Pumpkin Gospel and enjoy special fall activities together. We can’t wait to share this festive fun with you!!


Sunshine for Seniors


Mission Ministry Opportunity

Let’s spread some SUNSHINE!

Option 1: Choose one (or more) senior friend from our congregation.

Option 2: Choose an older person in your community.

What kind of sunshine can you spread? Here are some ideas…

Write a note or draw pictures and mail them to their house. (Literacy lesson)

Visit their home – write a bible verse and draw a happy picture with sidewalk chalk (Literacy/art lesson)

Bake them a special treat (Math/science lesson)

Call and sing them a song or read them a poem (Literacy/speaking/ music lesson)

Retell or read them your favorite Bible story (Social studies/literacy lesson)

Make yard signs to display at their home (hearts, flowers…) (Art lesson)

(Check our church directory for addresses)

Let’s be the SUNSHINE!

Please contact Lisa Adams to share the name of the special senior you will be connecting with.

Or, if you need a name of a special senior, please ask and one will be provided. (ladams@rosedalegardens.org)

RGPC Kids –“Let your light SHINE!” Matthew 5:16




Click here for printable version of Spending the Day with Jesus