Children’s Sunday School


Our mission at RGPC is to partner with parents to lead children into a growing relationship with Christ.  We will create environments in which children are encouraged to pursue a friendship with God, discover their God-given gifts, as well as share their love for Jesus with people who do not yet know Him.

Nursery Care

The RGPC NURSERY offers a variety of fun, age appropriate play opportunities for infants and toddlers during our 10:30 worship service. Our experienced, friendly nursery staff is excited to welcome you and your child to this special room. For parents who wish to stay with their child during the service, a large, flat screen television is available offering an opportunity to view the service from our nursery. The nursery is located on the first floor in Room 201. Stop by and meet our nursery staff and see all the excitement in our RGPC Nursery.


Special Sunday morning classes are offered to children ages 3 – 5th grade each week.  At RGPC we want children to experience God’s love through the joy of worshiping, learning, and serving together.

There are two different, age-appropriate Sunday morning RGPC KIDS’ programs offered.

*Ages 3 (potty trained) – 1st grade  – (First floor, Room 200)

Pathways to Worship  follows a simplified version of a worship service allowing the children to hear religious language and begin to make connections to these words and their meanings. This special class allows young children to experience God’s Word in a unique way.  One story is told for several weeks allowing the children different opportunities to listen to and interact with the story. Stories are told using props such as felt board pieces, wooden characters and other materials.  These materials provide a visual image that will help encourage a better understanding of God, Jesus and the biblical stories. In addition, each week, children have opportunities to respond to the story through art, music and prayer.  It is our goal that through repetition and hands-on learning, our young students will become familiar with the language of worship, discover the bible, and most importantly become fully aware of God’s amazing love for them.


*Grade 2 – Grade 5                                                                                           

FaithWorks is different than traditional Sunday school programs.  This approach is based on The Rotation Model and The Multiple Intelligence Theory. It takes into account the various learning styles of children. Students will have opportunities to strengthen their faith by rotating to a different classroom each week. Each classroom is created to help students explore the same biblical concept or story. The stories will be shared in completely different ways for four weeks.  As the month continues, students will improve their retention of the story which will allow for interesting discussions and more in-depth learning. It is our goal to create a Sunday school experience where children can actively engage in their own leaning and begin to form a solid foundation for spiritual growth.

Our FaithWorks Classrooms are:

Follow the Star Theater: (Stage-Fellowship Hall) Here we enjoy watching a movie to provide an overview or a review of the stories we are learning. Popcorn or treats are provided as we relax in the surroundings of our dear Savior’s birth.

The Rainbow Room: (Rooms 106/108)  Children will use art, science, cooking or technology to express their understanding of the stories. In this colorful classroom, students have opportunities to use a variety of materials to let their creativity shine!


Bible Blast: (Room 104) Through games, music and mission work children will actively learn biblical skills such as geography and bible exploration. They will also have opportunities through music and mission experiences to enhance their ideas about how to share God’s love with others.


The Marketplace: (Room 102) – Dramatic exploration is the focus of this classroom rotation. Children will listen as storytellers share biblical stories with them. Puppetry and role-playing will also be encouraged to help students express their understanding of the lessons they are learning.


*Family Worship

Several times throughout the year, children will have opportunities to attend the entire worship service with their families. Often the theme of the service will reflect the concepts they have studied in their FaithWorks classrooms.  Children will learn about worship by experiencing it! At RGPC, we celebrate the presence of children in our worship service.


Are you looking for positive, faith based books to read to your child, information about Christian family activities, or articles about important topics affecting children and parenting, then be sure to check out Christian Resources for Families below. You’ll discover a variety of resources to help you make informed decisions about  parenting and your child’s spiritual development.

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