Weather Policy


When it is deemed necessary to cancel church events, or close the Church for any reason, it is the goal of the Church to make the decision as quickly as possible so that there is a minimum amount of confusion.  For snow emergencies, the Church will to make the decision no later than 6:00 a.m.  following the lead of the Livonia Public Schools (LPS) for snow or icy road conditions.  In certain situations, it may be possible to make the decision to cancel evening events at the same time normal day operations are canceled.  However, if it is necessary to cancel the evening activities at the Church on a separate basis, every effort will be made to announce the decision by 3:00 p.m.


If the daytime activities as canceled due to the LPS decision to close for the day, it should NOT be assumed church evening activities (such as committee meetings) are also canceled.  Evening activities may not be canceled as it may have a downstream impact on church operation and future event implementation.  If evening activities are canceled it will be announced via social media and/or the RGPC phone app.


However, if inclement weather impacts a late evening, Saturday events or Sunday service, the Head of Staff or designee is authorized to make the closure decision.  If such decision is made, all efforts will be made to use appropriate notification systems available to the church to notify the congregation.


NOTE:  The Church will be open if the LPS cancellation is due to cold weather.  This policy only applies to snow and ice emergencies.


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