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Forever Families

In February of 1997, two women with a similar vision got together to discuss creating an agency that would meet the needs of families wanting to expand their family through adoption. We found that we had similar ethics and philosophy on how an agency should treat their clients, staff, and how we would provide their services.

After months of behind the scenes work, figuring out a name for the business, writing policies, applying for licenses, incorporating the business, finding space and all the little things it takes to open up a business, the doors opened December 1, 1997. We started with two people and two rooms.

Forever Families started with just Domestic Infant and State Ward Adoption and International Adoption Assistance.  Forever Families became a professional, reliable, honest, hard working agency that is available for their clients. The goal is to make sure our clients have a positive adoption experience by giving them preparation, education, and support as they progressed through the adoption process.

After years of only doing adoptions, we expanded by adding a foster care program to our agency. Because we needed to license the homes we added two departments. These programs operate on same philosophy and ethics as the adoption programs that already were already in place. Since the inception of both programs, Forever Families has put the right people in place to achieve and maintain the goal of excellent service with the focus on client’s needs.

We are grateful for the dedicated service of our co-founder Denise Weiss who has retired (effective March 2020) after 22 years with Forever Families.

Another Day Resource Center

Founded in 2008, Another Day Resource Center was birthed out of a desire to meet the needs of those around us in practical ways – from a Christ-centered perspective.

With Matthew 25:35-40 as a guide, the foundation of everything we do is the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s food, clothing, prayer, counseling and mentoring… You name it, we are a resource for it.

We are blessed to receive a wide range of donations from generous individuals, families, churches and companies that allow us to then redistribute everything we receive, and continuously be a resource to those in need.

Daily, we are in awe of how God uses our ministry. Time and again, the resources we distribute allow us to show those who might think they’ve been forgotten that they are worthy and loved.

CARES of Farmington Hills

CARES Mission Statement

“The Mission of CARES is to offer a comprehensive support service for individuals and their families in and around the Farmington Hills area and the eight communities that we serve that are in need or have limited access to everyday necessities due to insufficient financial resources or family instability.


Samaritas Family Center Westland

30600 Michigan Avenue

Westland, MI 48185

(734) 721-0590

Our shelter on Michigan Ave. is partnership of Samaritas and Wayne County, offering emergency shelter for homeless families. At our Westland homeless shelter, we welcome: two-parent families, single mothers or fathers with children and pregnant women. For any homeless assistance or information about homeless shelters in Wayne County or family shelters in Detroit, MI, all callers or email inquiries should be directed to either other of the following:

  • Detroit residents should call the Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM) – (313) 305-0311
  • Out-Wayne County residents should contact the HARA (Housing Assistance and Resource Agency) – (734) 284-6999
  • Please call the HARA agency listed for your community to receive the most current information on resources available for households that are homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless.

Learn More About Samaritas

Help Maui, HI

Fisher House Michigan

Our Mission

Fisher House Michigan is a not-for-profit organization formed to improve the quality of life of our military members, retirees, Veterans, and their families and caregivers.

The Organization supports the construction and operations of comfort homes built near VA Medical Centers in Michigan, called “Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Houses.” The Organization works to inform the Veteran community, their families, and the general public about Fisher Houses, and provides necessary support to Fisher House operations as needed. Fisher House Michigan presently supports operations at the Fisher House at VAAAHS in Ann Arbor, and is raising capital and program funds for the future house at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit.

What is a Fisher House?

Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veterans families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital.

92 of these homes are located at military and VA medical centers around the world, the newest of which is the VA Ann Arbor Fisher House which opened in the spring of 2020. Supporting the national Fisher House Foundation and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Fisher House Michigan (FHM) aims to change that. Eighteen months after a Fisher House was approved for the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, a second house for Michigan was approved for the Detroit VAMC.

In order to support both the Ann Arbor and Detroit Houses, FHM has set a strategic goal of raising $20,000,000 to pay for total construction costs and also support the Fisher House Manager, who will be assigned by the VA to each facility, with amenities for the Veterans’ families.

Fisher Houses are first-class facilities, beautifully designed and well built. Our military heroes deserve nothing less. Fisher Houses are not financed by the VA but rather by private citizens and corporate donors, who want to give back for the safety, security, freedom and comfort our military provides.

FHM is largely a volunteer organization, with a tiny professional staff. The careful stewardship of each donor dollar has won FHM a Platinum Rating for transparency from Guide Star Charity Rating System. With an annual Veterans story-telling event that draws thousands, and with special fund-raising events all year like the Memorial Day Match in the spring and the Patriots Pledge in the fall, FHM is winning over the hearts and minds of a grateful nation that recognizes the exceptional sacrifice our Active Military and Veterans have made.

It all started because of one man…



Builder, Philanthropist, Patriot

Founder, Fisher House Program

September 26, 1910 -- June 4, 1999

Zachary Fisher was a prominent figure in the New York real estate community and a major philanthropic benefactor for the men and women in the United States Armed Forces, as well as numerous other not-for-profit organizations.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Fisher began working in construction at the age of 16. Shortly thereafter, he and his brothers, Martin and Larry, joined forces to form Fisher Brothers, which has grown into one of the real estate industry’s premier residential and commercial developers, owning more than five million square feet of office space.

From the earliest days of his construction career, Mr. Fisher was a strong supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces. Prevented from active service in World War II due to a leg injury, Mr. Fisher drew on his building skills to assist the U.S. Coastal Service in the construction of coastal fortifications. His patronage of the Armed Forces became an ongoing concern from that time, evolving to occupy increasing amounts of his energies.

In the 1970s, while remaining active in Fisher Brothers, Mr. Fisher’s commitment to both the Armed Forces and other philanthropic causes intensified still further through his leadership role in a number of major projects, including the Intrepid Museum Foundation and the Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Armed Services Foundation.

In 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher began the Fisher House program, dedicating more than $20 million to the construction of comfort homes for families of hospitalized military personnel. With the establishment of Fisher Houses throughout the United States and in Landstuhl, Germany, the program has provided thousands of lodging days, saving families millions of dollars each year, a service invaluable to these Armed Forces families.

In 1998, Mr. Fisher received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in honor of his wide-ranging contributions on behalf of the young men and women in the US Armed Forces. He also received the Horatio Alger Award, the Volunteer Action Award, the Presidential Citizens Medal, the Senior Civilian Award from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense, as well as the top awards a civilian can receive from each branch of the military.

Separately, Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Margaret Thatcher and the late Yitzak Rabin, recognized Mr. Fisher for his support of charitable organizations throughout the United States. In December, 1999, President Clinton signed Public Law 106-161 conferring upon Zachary Fisher the status of an honorary veteran in the U.S. Armed Forces. He was recommended for this honor prior to his death on June 4, 1999.

Three words, etched in the marble of Zachary Fisher’s tomb, speak to his legacy:


Contact Them Today - Steven Rose - Outreach Assistant

Steven Rose

Outreach Assistant


Fisher House Michigan

M-F, 9am-5pm

Phone: 313-483-6543


Fisher House Michigan

PO Box 130466

Ann Arbor, MI 48113

To reach the VA Ann Arbor Fisher House Staff:

VA Ann Arbor Fisher House

2215 Fuller Court (FISHER - Bldg 36)

Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Staff phone: 734-845-3000


The Livonia Goodfellows is a group comprised of all volunteers working on one very large task... to ensure there is “No Child Without A Christmas in Livonia” equal opportunity organization that affords the fairy tale enchantment of Christmas to all children in our community.

Livonia Goodfellows, Inc.

P.O. Box 51982 Livonia, MI 48151


At Trinity Health Livonia Hospital, a special group of people personifies generosity and unselfishness. They freely give of their time, talents, and resources to help Trinity Health Livonia Hospital carry out its mission of service to the community. These dedicated individuals are the Volunteers of Trinity Health Livonia Hospital.

Trinity Health Livonia Hospital

Volunteer Services Department 36475 Five Mile Rd., Livonia 48154


The vision and mission of the JDC is to offer a place in the heart of the Brightmoor community for residents to find spiritual, physical and emotional healing. After Jonathan's passing, Dawn is continuing to pursue this mission in order to bring these much needed services to the Brightmoor neighborhood and beyond.