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Get 'Social' with RGPC! Each platform is a great way to stay connected with us, and your faith.

Facebook is the place to get connected with other members, and with the many groups RGPC has to offer! Below are different buttons that can connect you to not only 'LIKE' our Facebook page, but also can help you join the right group for you and your family!

Here is a little more information about each Facebook Group

Prayers For Possible is in its third year, run by Pastor Kellie Whitlock, and supplemented by Kate, Kellie and various people with prayers and has 803 members not only from our congregation, but the city of Livonia and Westland too.. we even have members from around the USA .

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The Better Together - RGPC Families and Friends run by our Children's Ministry Director Lisa Adams, and they get information for upcoming #RGPCKids events, helpful hints and activities for parents, and emotional support for parents. 

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RGPC Self Care, Self Love run by Lorraine Paffenroth, is an extension of Stephen Ministry. This group on facebook is up and coming, and truly essential to help those who might not be ready for a Stephen Minister yet, or just needs a place where they can get tools for pick- me- up with life's ups and downs..

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Military, First Responders, Vets & Their Families Ministry run by Dave Laycock, is a group we would really like to focus on inviting to this month. So if you know someone in your life on your facebook page, invite them to join the fellowship which Dave has to offer our first responders and veterans, current military and their families.

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Get Rooted with RGPC run by Kelly Bruce takes a deeper dive into the wonderful sermons that Pastor Kate, and Pastor Kellie give on Sunday. Kelly digs into the theology of the word and helps keep the message going throughout your week.

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You can also click on the buttons below, to join these amazing groups.

Don't have Facebook? Let's get Social in other areas!!