Military, First Responders & Veterans

This mission is near and dear to RGPC. We support all who serve, and are serving the USA.

This group is dedicated to creating an online community for all active military, veterans, first responders and their families. group has a language and experience all of its own and we are dedicated to giving you a space and place in which to interact and engage with others who know that life.

We also seek to support the families of all those who have served, as well. We welcome you here to your very own community. Thank you Jesus for every soldier & first responder protecting & serving us through this night. Like warm covers in the cold, blanket them in your love & our prayers of gratitude.

Rosedale Gardens became a “Military Caring Congregation” through Military Caring Network, USA. As a congregation, we expanded our ministry of serving those who serve to include first responders and families of both military and first responders.

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2020 Memorial Day Video



This month, we are recognizing Richard M. Porteous, Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Force & Veteran of World War II. Richard Morris Porteous enlisted in Fort Wayne, IN. Little did he know then that he would end up flying gliders in Italy and Africa. Richard served from Oct. 5, 1942 – Sept. 21, 1945. Richard Porteous was husband to the late Bernice and father to Rick, Diane and Patricia. When Richard returned home from his tour of service, he went to work at Ford as a Supervisor for Parts Control. Later, while continuing to work at Ford, he and the family also owned a party store/deli/gas station at Eckles Road & Schoolcraft from 1957-1960. Richard loved to play organ and guitar. He bought a new organ in 1958 when Rick was 7 years old, and Rick got his start in music on that organ. Richard enjoyed playing the organ, and he played at the Livonia Lanes in their lounge area, as well as at other lounges and restaurants. He also loved fishing, and the family spent many summers up north at Central Lake, MI. We at the Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church would like to thank Richard for his service to our country and for his many years of membership at Rosedale Gardens, for which we are grateful. Richard Porteous embodied a life of service to God and country and we thank God for him and his family.